Donderdag, 24 november 2022 t/m Zondag, 27 november 2022, 09:00 - 18:00

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Donderdag, 24 november 2022 t/m Zondag, 27 november 2022
09:00 - 18:00
Creative Consciousness Nederland
Peter de Gorterstraat 5A
5248 NS Rosmalen


Conscious Living 1 is a dynamic and holistic training process facilitated by an international team of highly skilled trainers. We create a safe space in which you can internalize and directly implement new knowledge instead of just receiving information. Each training day contains inquiries and awareness creations combined with exercises and individual as well as group process designed to integrate the insights you acquire. A comprehensive training workbook supports the process.


Conscious Living 1 main themes:


FREEDOM: feel free, act free, be free

PASSION: create the life you love to live

ENERGY: tap into your core energy and use it for constructive purposes

CLARITY: see clearly what you want to accomplish in life

INTEGRITY: align your actions with your words

AWARENESS: perceive reality as it is

AUTHENTICITY: stay true to who you choose to be

PRESENCEbe fully in the here and now

LOVE: love without conditions

ACTION: act independently from thinking and feeling
and much more….


As the result of Conscious Living 1, you will acquire new life skills and develop daily practices that will lead you towards creating major lasting shifts in your life.


Language: English

Prices: inclusive 4x lunch and 3x dinner, exclusive accommodation

Conscious Living 1 - Individual Payment

€ 225,00 (excl. € 1,25 servicefee)

Inclusive VAT and VAE (Valueation After Experience). At the end of the training, we will ask you to put a pricetag on your training experience. This amount will be invoiced to you after the training.

Conscious Living 1 - Corporate registration

€ 1.225,00 (excl. € 2,50 servicefee)

incl VAT

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